04 September 2017

It's been almost a FULL year since my last post here on my blog!
I know that it has been a while,but a year? Wow!

 Instagram is now easier to use. You take a photo,you post it,you get feedback in a minut!
But I really miss the good old blog posts and stuff,so I decided I will do one.
Summer is almost over so I will say a sad goodbye to it by posting my Summer Favs!

My ultimate favs of summer are these platform sandals. They are so comfortable and they have this clean design. They fit with everything in summer time.

These glasses are birthday present and they are my most worn glasses this summer. They make a pretty good statemant on their on. When the outfit is not on the point,they are!

I'm really lucky that my hair is not needy but in the summer it gets a little bit dry. Which is natural. So this L'oreal Elseve creme helped a lot. This product is perfect for me,because you just put a bit of product on your hair with your hand and the job is done! Perfect!

This Balea body spray is so gooood. OMG! It smells really good,beacuse well.. it's coconut. Its really helpfull in hot summer days.

For years I wanted to read something by Agatha Christie,so this summer I did it! I can tell you I'm a big fan already!

Fav fruit!

And of course my favorite IG summer outfits!

- Vibrance

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