Friend in need is friend indeed but ...

02 September 2012

  Last night we went out! And here are some pictures of me and my friends. One important friend is missing (she is in Istanbul).. But I'll put some pictures of her too when she comes back :)

 Sinoc smo bili vani! Evo slike s mojim prijateljima. Vazan clan nedostaje (ali je ona u Istanbulu).
Postavit cu i njene slike kad se vrati:)

 I was wearing martens and no name dress and Amisu jacket, NY bag, and ring from Istambul (gift from this missing friend)

Ines (:

Pulić :) 

Vela :)



  1. Torbica i prstenčić su divni!:) Pratimmm

  2. prelijepo. imam slicnu haljinicu, a prsluk je sjajan!

  3. lovely blog! followed you in gfc, hope you can follow back!


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